What is muslin cotton?


From the first moment you hold your baby in your arms, you realize, every material that would touch your baby’s skin must be as soft, delicate, and sensitive as a mother’s skin.

100 % cotton Deux Lapins muslins welcome your little one with the softest touch and adorable unique designs!

Muslin is an open weave, breathable, absorbent, soft and natural fabric. With every wash, it becomes prettier and softer.

As an essential item in baby care, muslin swaddles can be very multi functional… Wrap your baby, swaddle, cover over, cover under, use as a play mat, sun shader, burp cloth, bath wrap and in many other ways just limited with your imagination:)

Deux Lapins is our heartwarming brand in which we, as two mums, combine the muslin fabric with unique patterns along with multiple uses inspired by our children & motherhood. We offer the classic multi functional muslin swaddles in different sizes as well as innovative products such as nursing covers, robes, capes, bonets, playmats & diaper changing mats.

Having a baby is what truly makes us happy so we are extremely careful about our raw materials, we use OEKO TEX certified dyes and fabrics in all of our productions. We try our best to be nature friendly and sustainable in the way we do our packaging.

For the love of muslin, and motherhood, we invite you to explore our soft world!!


Blanket Lapin


Swaddle Lapin


Bib Cloth

Soothing cloth

Soothing Cloth

Play mat

Play Mat

Sun shade

Sun Shade

Burp cloth

Burp Cloth

Nursing cover

Nursing Cover