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Every new mother wants to ensure that the experiences shared between themselves and their newborn are comfortable, serene and often, private. As this can be especially true when nursing, having a product that works for you can be an excellent selection.

The Nursing Cover

A soft, comfortable, breathable blanket that has been designed to offer a level of privacy for the mummy and baby bonding, there are a host of styles and designs to suit every need. When breastfeeding on the go, or even staying at home, the nursing cover will be your best asset.

Created with breathable and lightweight materials like muslin to ensure an airthrough, yet private breast feeding experience, these are easy to wash, fold and store, so you can take them anywhere.

For a shaded, warm, secure environment for your baby that can even help to get them to sleep when nursing isn’t necessary, these nursing covers are fantastic items for newborn care that will continue to be a firm favourite with mums for years to come.

Types of Nursing Covers

With different styles available, you’ll be able to select the one that best suits your needs and enjoy the benefits of an enclosed feeding space that can promote privacy and a peaceful environment.

The nursing shawl: this breastfeeding cloth functions just like a regular shawl in that you can drape it over your shoulder for discreet nursing. Some feature buttons, so you can secure your baby no matter where you choose to feed them.

The nursing scarf: this nursing blanket doubles up as a scarf and can be worn as an everyday accessory, so it’s always to hand. There are even infinity options, so you can tuck your baby in and enjoy feeding together. These are fashionable, comfortable to wear and easy to use on the go – and they won’t need any additional storage.

The nursing apron/ nursing cover: as one of the more common and practical designs that will be perfect for baby feeding indoors or outdoors, these kind of a breast feeding essential allows mums to see their babies more easily while creating private little environment for bonding and feeding. They have great ventilation and may even come with pockets for you to store all your typical breastfeeding accessories.

Especially the fabric is crucial when choosing a nursing cover. A fabric like muslin, %100 cotton, lightweight, breathable and easily washable is more than ideal for a newborn baby. There are different colors, patterns that you can choose from the muslin collection of Deux Lapins on alongside other breastfeeding essentials such as the nursing pillow, burp cloths and many more. The muslin texture again is ideal for the delicate baby skin, letting both the mummy and the baby breathe with a touch of natural ingredients. All Deux Lapins colors and patterns are created uniquely with the neutral and naïve universe of baby and mum’s in mind. And all threads and fabric paints are OEKO-TEX certified.

If you’d like to minimise distractions for your baby, a nursing cover can be the thing for you. It can give you the freedom you deserve at feeding time or when expressing milk privately anywhere even on the go. As many of them nursing covers can be utilized as car seat or stroller covers, they can help to promote a good sleeping routine and create a calm environment for the mum and baby to enjoy.