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A comfortable and calm nursing experience for mummies!

Feed-sleep-diaper change! That is the cycle 🙂 to which new mummies should get used to! The cycle looks simple but an experienced mum advice tells that it is more exhausting than it looks! But do not get stressed please! There are helpers in that process in addition to the beloved family members, nurses, friends. There are 100 % baby & parent friendly products such as muslin swaddles, breastfeeding cloths, nursing pillows, mummy bags, blankets, pacifiers, baby bottles, nursing covers and many more.

It is either breastfeeding or feeding through a bottle, every parent needs a comfy pillow that can both support baby’s head and the feeder’s arm. The breastfeeding schedule of a new born is quite tense with early morning and midnight sessions. So, it is very convenient if you have a light and easy to wear pillow near you. In terms of size, it should be not so big, easy to carry and preferably easy to wear.

With baby products, one should be careful with the materials that they are made of. Muslin is an ideal fabric for baby skin because of its natural, soft, and breathable nature.

Carry your nursing helpers everywhere!

Muslin baby goods especially blankets are used by parents in a various way. Muslin swaddles are very popular among parents for wrapping the baby for a smooth sleeping experience especially for the first 6 months in a newborn’s life in the world. Muslin swaddles are quite multi-functional and life savers for mummies.

Muslin, which is a breathable fabric, is ideal for sensitive baby skin. So, a muslin nursing pillow where a baby’s head can rest in comfort without sweating and with the soft support provided eases the breastfeeding process for both the mum and baby. Deux Lapins nursing pillows with the specially designed form, adds to this comfort! Our breastfeeding pillows are very easy to wear.  There is only one step and one trick! The mummy must wear the pillow on the opposite wrist to the nursing breast; meaning if it is the left breast feeding then the pillow must be on the mummy’s right wrist. There are cute details in design besides the functionality such as the bunny ears! They look adorable when the baby head is on 🙂

The nursing pillows are very easy to carry, can fit any mummy bag and also you can leave it in every room of your house in case you need them.

There are also other nursing helpers in the Deux Lapins collection. Let’s look at 2 other essential breastfeeding assistant baby essentials;

1-Nursing Covers – the helpers for mummies to comfortably breastfeed/ feed the baby outdoors. Breastfeeding clothes are all made of 100 % cotton muslin. Thanks to its form, you can easily see your baby during feeding and baby can freely breathe.

2-Burp cloths– Small and medium sized burp cloths which you can clean baby’s mouth, or mummies’ breasts. Lay it over the shoulder for a gas session afterwards. Even continue to use them with older babies with the solid food introduction, to dry the face or body towels, as a bib or a sweat cloth, during teething and etc.
What are the Features of Muslin Fabric?

We can hear you asking what is special about this muslin fabric and what are the features that distinguish it from other fabrics:)

The extraordinary soft texture and breathability are 2 key features that make it a baby essential. In addition, it is super light, and very suitable for today’s modern mum-life. Easy to put it in the bag, carry along everywhere through a busy day.

In history, originally muslin was used mainly used to make baby diapers, thanks to its breathable structure and open weave nature that is very helpful in preventing diaper rash.

In art history, muslin weaving has a very special place among hand-woven products. The fact that it is permeable and tactile is eye-catching. Muslin is often produced from a combination of natural raw materials such as cotton, bamboo, wool and different others which has made muslin products ideal for baby skin.

Deux Lapins muslins

  • Deux Lapins offers a wide range of muslin baby goods from swaddle blankets to nursing covers which are essential for a mummy’s daily life. Deux Lapins muslins are made of 100 % cotton threads with Oeko-tex certification. All designs are unique and created by water-color illustrators. The design process is initiated by the two mummy co-founders, Müge and Bige. The soft color palette, unisex themes, delicate hand painted designs and inspiration from nature and animals stand out. Every product is stemmed from a mum’s need, first thing in mind is to help the mummy in a stylish way while providing the baby a serene and relaxing visual environment. Product innovation is also a core to Deux Lapins products. A baby and mum’s needs are the most important in mind and products such as hooded towels, burp cloths, nursing pillows, breastfeeding covers, stroller liners, rompers, and many more aim to meet those essential expectations. Deux Lapins online shopping experience is safe and easy. Every Deux Lapins product is packed delicately with muslin envelopes. Care for nature is a main value for the Deux Lapins mummies. Sustainability and goodwill are must have values for the co-founders as well. There are gifting options for welcoming a baby. The gift sets and the special gift box are the options you can find on The gift box and wrapping option is the cutest and the box can be kept and used for storage in a nursery. Do not forget to add one of our greeting cards to your gifts too! All orders over £60 are delivered with free-shipping!