The Ultimate Nursing Item Any Mum Should Have!

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Nursing Cover

A nursing cover is a piece of fabric that is draped over a mother’s shoulder and around her neck while she is breastfeeding her child. The nursing cover provides privacy and allows the mother to breastfeed in public without feeling exposed.Some mothers prefer to use a nursing cover because it makes them feel more comfortable breastfeeding in public, while others find that it helps to keep their baby calm and focused on eating.

Nursing covers come in different styles and fabrics to suit your style and needs. Deux Lapins offers the perfect soft-touch nursing covers that must be added to your wishlist.

Exclusive Features of the Nursing Covers

Bring an effortless nursing experience with Deux Lapins’s baby nursing cover.

  • Made of 100% cotton muslin
  • Measures 90 x 60 cm (35 x 23 inches)
  • Made of OEKO TEX certified fabrics and dyes
  • Soft, easily wearable & breathable 100 % muslin nursing covers
  • The size of the nursing cover measures up to 90 x 60 cm or 35 x 23 inches
  • Simple and comfortable baby essentials that are soft and easy to wear

The Ultimate Comfort Factor While Breastfeeding

Nursing covers are an essential item for any mother who is breastfeeding her baby. Whether in public or private, this accessory can be a big boon to a first time mother who is exploring her breastfeeding journey. A sensitive and emotional moment, you need to be comfortable while feeding the child. Children can sense when there is even the slightest tension in the air. Nursing covers put mothers in ease and comfort, thereby facilitating a wonderful bonding experience.

Deux Lapins offers the softest and most elegant cotton nursing covers that can be a comforter for mother and child. The chic and unique design of the covers brings attractiveness as watercolor illustrators make it. They are highly sustainable and can be packed along for all your travels.

The muslin cotton makes it the perfect choice for the newborn. The covers are quite absorbent and breathable for the baby. It is highly recommended to add it along with your other baby care products as it serves multiple purposes. The covers take the place of nursing helpers and ensure it is easy for you to breastfeed, swaddle and put the baby to sleep.


The covers offer real-life benefits for the wearer and the bearer

  • It is baby skin-friendly and sustainable
  • The breastfeeding coverallows feeding your child anywhere at any time even during your long trips
  • The lightweight material is easy to pack and travel with.
  • It also becomes a casual drape over your shoulder while carrying the child.
  • The multi-purpose nursing cover can be used as a bib or burp cloth. You can wipe the spills and other dirt quickly without having to search for another cloth
  • The nursing pillow coveris big enough to cover the baby in a pillow, making it easier for you to put the baby to sleep
  • It can also be used as a pillow cover or blanket for the child to keep them warm and comfortable

Nursing Item 2Why Our Nursing Cover?

Cotton is the most trusted and comfortable clothing that can be worn around a newborn baby. Deux Lapins uses 100% cotton fabric for all baby clothing and related products. The cotton covers can be machine washed with water cooling up to 40°C. The muslin covers’ specialty is that they become softer after every wash and much prettier. Using an air dryer instead of iron is preferred so that you can avoid early shrinkage.

The nursing covers are the nursing helpers that a mummy must have on her checklist for baby care products. Deux Lapins offer a comfortable nursing experience for all the mothers out there. The covers being soft and comfortable offers an easy breastfeeding experience. With sustainable packaging, the brand focuses on re-purposing the excess fabrics as muslin envelopes.

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