Newborn Care Tips for First-Time Parents

Newborn Care

Newborn care can be tumultuous when you are a first-time parent. After the pregnancy and baby’s delivery, it might feel like you are clueless about what you should do regarding newborn care tips. Often you might consult your mother or other mums who can help you out on how they managed. But when it comes to professional care or knowledge about newborn care, it might seem like you don’t know much or aren’t prepared enough. Read more and find some essential tips for newborn care for first-time parents!

Newborn Care: Tips To Know

A newborn brings changes in your daily routine along with all the happiness and excitement. The key is to be informed your upcoming needs as well as the baby’s instead of freaking out and not knowing what to-do. Tips like how often you need to breastfeed, how to react to a baby gas situation, best ways to put the baby sleep and etc. If you feel nervous or overwhelmed, consider the following tips to avoid extra anxiety and tension.

Put Yourself First for Your Baby’s Happiness and Health

Your health is the primary thing you should care about for the baby’s wellness. You should follow a healthy diet, drink water regularly and rest properly. The first 6 months of feeding requires so much energy regardless of whether the baby is breastfed or bottlefed, both perfectly natural! You should keep as the primary care-giver your on what you eat is necessary. You might have heard your elders say, “Sleep when the baby sleeps.” The baby might stay awake in the middle of the night, so you might have to catch up with your sleep later if your sleep wasn’t proper. Your sleeping time schedules should have to be aligned with the number of hours you were able to take rest. Refrain from having coffee or any sleeping medications to control your sleeping pattern, as it may adversely affect your and the baby’s health. Remember that building a good routine will help keep everything organized and save you from missing out on anything.

While Managing Visitors

Friends and loved ones may visit your house to see you and the newborn and spend some time. Eventhough it is a lovely way to nurture your soul by being with loved ones, it is the best to organize the length and timing of those visit based on your and baby’s schedule. Do not hesitate to let them know if you are not ready to meet them on a particular day. Ask on maintaining the desired level of hygiene that comforts you while visitors interact with your baby. For instance, make sure that they wash their hands before holding the baby. Trusted visitors or relatives can take care of the baby when you want to take a rest. And it can be perfect to rely on that support system in that period of parenting like in every other phase it will be. Like an African saying suggests; It takes a village to raise a childJ

Be Flexible with Your Schedules

Give yourself ample time for soothing sessions, sleep, and expect crying. When you give yourself extra time, any task wouldn’t seem overwhelming. For example, sometimes you may forget to change the diaper, and the baby may cry for that reason. You can avoid forgetfulness if you are not overwhelmed by the missed tasks.

Mood Swings Are Quite Normal

Chances are that you and your partner might be taking rounds to take care of the baby. But with the overload of tasks at the house, you might get tired simultaneously. One minute you might enjoy your baby’s presence in your life, and the next minute, you might be worried about the lot of things you have to sacrifice, including your me-time. Lighten the mood by listening to songs or having a good laugh with the loved ones around you. Make sure you keep the communications with your partner or helper clear, and they have clarity on your needs as well as the baby’s.

Do Not Keep Your Standards So High

Don’t go overboard on cleaning and keeping stuff in order. Some things can wait if they are not too important. For instance, storing clean clothes in the cupboard can be postponed to the next day as they are not as important as keeping the place clean. Divide between important and urgent tasks, and you can stay peaceful knowing that you put your best into setting the important ones in place. Try to have practical and must-have items in your vicinity that can ease your life such as muslin burp cloths, changing mats, swaddles, sleeping bag, pacifiers, and diapers.

Go for A Walk: Walking Has A Soothing Effect

If you’re going overwhelmed or crazy with a fussy newborn, go for a walk with the baby. You can also take the help of someone to take care of the baby while you take your well-deserved me-time to come back with a clear mind before you can give your total energy to care for the baby. While walking, be sure your baby is covered by high-quality cotton muslin swaddles to protect him/her from wind, sun, cold or hot weather and feel comfortable through the walk.

Accept Help, It Is Not A Weakness

When your loved ones or trusted people offer to help, don’t hesitate to think of how it will be difficult for them. They can hold or entertain the baby while you can get some tasks done to help you put things back in place, like doing the laundry or refilling the baby essentials.

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We Know You Do Your Best!

There is no need to check if you are a good parent or if you are doing good at parenting and evaluate yourself constantly. Every parent has been a good parent since birth, automatically wishing the best for their babies. As Deux Lapins, the newborn baby brand, stemmed from two mums’ experiences, we feel you, and know you are doing your best! And that is what really matters. Ensure you follow your doctor’s tips, and then you and your baby will be find your special way of communication and bonding that last a life-time…

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